Arizona Rally And Immigration Regulation


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61. Real estate deflation. 50% drop in prices in some areas. Builder's confidence index is at new low. There are many layoffs in related industries. Many housing and commercial loans written on adjustable interest terms back in 2005 to 2007 are coming up for their rate reset or coming due. Many may not qualify for a whole new loan or be able to make the new higher payment. It's a real drag on the whole economy.

16. People travel, eat out and vacation less. Companies are cutting way back on first class airfare. People are cutting back on their vacation plans. 106 motels are in foreclosure in the summer of 2010 here in the San Francisco Bay area.

As Arizona's legally-challenged immigration law makes its way through the courts, the NY Times reports that record numbers of bodies are turning up at morgues near the state border.

48. Regulations. Uncertainty is a business and job killer. Every minute congress (and every other government group) is in session we lose more freedoms.

22. CPI drops. Consumer Price Index chart on a down trend. Index does not include energy and food. Crazy! CPI hit 62% upward retracement level in 2011 and then reversed down.

The Rothschilds, Rockefellers, Warburgs, Morgans, Goldmans, Oppenheimers, Schiffs etc. will be giving you one option - global governance and a one world currency. A brave (Ha!) newer world in which you are told where to work, where to live, what to do and what to think cradle to grave. Central banking using fiat money, wars, global warming and now a cruel crushing deflationary depression have been their smokescreen for taking your freedom and liberty. The likes of the UN, IMF, World Bank or Bank for International Settlements (BIS) will rule the new world order. Only the truth broadcasted by the internet reformation and a return to a privately run gold backed money can save us. Only gold is not someone's debt. Only gold is honest.

Military waste. Wars and much of the money spent by all the different divisions of our defense departments is poured down a hole in the ground-never to be seen again. Oil food time materials manpower blood and lives wasted.

The current economical issues have allowed investors to enter the US business market to invest and generate jobs. The urgency to recover the economy has pushed the government to provide the American Green Card lawyers Surrey, you can look here, cards to investors immediately. The process of investors' application is really fast and allows them to start their business as soon as possible. If you want to qualify as an immigrant investor, you have to invest at least $1 million with the new startup. The sole purpose of allowing you to do business is to generate jobs. There should be a minimum of 10 employees who are American citizens in your new company. The investment price varies from urban to rural regions, but this depends on the type of business you are starting.

Then the financial meltdown occurred both in the United States, with international consequences as well. Gas prices soared. Resolving these problems took priority in the minds of most Americans. Then Barack Obama became president of the United States. President Obama pushed through the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009, also known as the Stimulus Bill. Then he and the Democratic controlled US Congress tackled Cap and Trade / American Clean Energy and Security Act (H.R. 2454), which fizzled. And more recently, the health care reform, which evolved into the health insurance reform legislation, was passed.;