The Truth About Remote Viewing


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What Are The Best Techniques To Practice Remote Viewing?

Brett Stuart, author of Remote Viewing: The Complete Guidebook and founder of Technical Intuition (previously Troika Group) is dedicated to the promotion and application of the consciousness hacking" tool known as Remote Viewing, sometimes referred to as non-local perception. When you begin to practice remote viewing in earnest, you will find that stress blocks it out. You need a highly skilled professional to teach you everything you have to know about remote viewing. That is impossible for me to say, the ability to remote view is like any human ability, spread through the population in what we in science call a bell curve — because it looks something like a bell.

Remote viewing was made popular beginning in the 1970's, when some in the US intelligence community grew concerned that the Soviets had better psychics than we did. Remote viewing techniques or remote viewing is sometimes defined as being similar to dowsing in that you use your psychic powers of your mind to find the object you are seeking.

Sketch produced by physicist Russell Targ, when he spontaneously took the role of remote viewer in the absence of psychic Pat Price. You will learn the encompassing and effective Remote Viewing techniques for dealing with the pitfalls of distraction, mental chatter, and self-doubt.

Although much of this information has found a place through anecdote and in personal conversation, including articles and interviews with various individuals involved in the studies, in The Reality of ESP Targ has taken the opportunity afforded by increased declassification to organize and assemble the material into a concise compendium.

Today, dedicated to the peaceful uses of this practice for personal and spiritual growth, David Morehouse offers you The Remote Viewing Training Course—an unprecedented home study program with step-by-step instruction from the first and most knowledgeable authority of this incredible work.

In addition, you will be taken deep inside professional Remote Viewing operations that reveal details surrounding accurately predicted past events including a devastating 9.0 earthquake and recent environmental changes. Over forty personnel served in the program at various times, including about 23 remote viewers.

Though having previously demonstrated no natural psychic abilities, Paul experienced considerable success with the CRV methodology, and besides being a successful operational viewer, also became one of the most prominent of the CRV trainers. Fourth, an easy way to get started on remote viewing is to simply practice seeing yourself, lying there or sitting there on the bed or floor.;