WinPE install Windows XP complete tutorial


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This article responds to csp users WINPE installed under Windows XP, in fact, many of the content of Tianyuan have been mentioned in some articles, in order to facilitate the novice reference, this article and then summed up to do a complete tutorial, the article mentioned in the article or To take a closer look, each method has its own advantages and disadvantages. The next time the system is reinstalled, it is very likely that a virtual drive will be used. There may be various possible conditions under DOS, etc. For example, the method of this article cannot be directly installed for Window7. Using the same double-click method (test environment WinPE2.0), although this article was passed by Tianyuan full-text test, but it does not rule out another environment or operator will emerge new problems, fortunately the problem will always let us progress.

1, first need to make your own WINPE U disk or WINPE CD, if you already have to skip this step, production methods, please refer to:

U disk WINPE, CD-ROM WINPE system installation tutorial

2, according to the boot media type, the BIOS boot entry is changed to U disk or optical drive priority add-on, such as making a WINPE U disk will have to change the BIOS boot entry to boot from the USB settings, if it is WINPE CD, you need to put the BIOS Setup starts from the disc. Setting method, please refer to:

Several of the most commonly used BIOS setup methods

3, start, the interface is as follows, digital camera to be no electricity, and quickly took a photo, the following content Tianyu measured environment for the old peach WINPE 2.0 U disk version.

4. Select the first item to enter the WinPE Mini Maintenance System. Wait for the boot to complete, and then click 'Start' and 'Start' \u0026 'Mdash; \u0026 mdash;' 'Programs' \u0026 'Mdash; \u0026 mdash;' 'Disk Disk Tools', select the optical imaging tool UltraISO. As shown below:

Then use UltraISO to extract the disk image of Windows XP to XPSP3 on the D or E disk (assuming that it will be installed on the C drive system disk). According to the method of extracting the ISO from the disk image, please refer to:

UltraISO Graphical Operation of Disc Mirroring

5, after the extraction is completed, as shown below:

6, please check the system disk to be installed (assuming it is C drive) if there is data to be backed up, otherwise you can quickly format the partition first. If you are using U disk version of WINPE boot, this time the U disk is forced to pull down to prevent the operating system to identify the wrong drive letter to copy the boot file to the U disk, this step is very important, and then double-click the SETUP.EXE in the figure above ,As shown below:

7. Select 'Install Microsoft Windows XP' and proceed with the installation of XP. The default installation type is upgrade installation. Change to the new installation (Advanced) type and click Next.

8, as shown below, accept the license agreement, click Next:

9, as shown below, after entering the key, and click Next:

10, this step is to install language and regional selection, the default can be, we click on 'ldquo; advanced options ... \u0026 rdquo;:

11, advanced options settings are as follows, select I want to install the drive number and disk partition during the installation, click OK, and click on the next step in the figure (special attention to the gray in the figure below, if you use virtual If you install the CD-ROM drive here, you must choose to copy all the installation files from the installation CD, otherwise you will not be able to find the source installation file by restarting the machine.

12, this step choose whether to upgrade to the NTFS system, if the system disk is already NTFS to choose no, if it is FAT can also choose to Yes, No can be, if not on the point of no, skip. Next step:

13, this is to choose whether to get updates, select 'ld'; No ',' skip this step to continue the installation, click Next.

14. The installation program begins to copy the file, and then it will prompt to restart. Under WINPE, it will not restart automatically, it will prompt error warning, ignore it, and then manually restart the machine. If it is a CD-ROM, the installation CD will be taken out.

15, after starting again will automatically enter the Windows XP installation interface, continue the installation process, please refer to the following article, of course, after the restart of the installation settings with the following article DOS installation is a bit different, users only need to find which interface in the text which settings that is can.

Windows XP SP3 installation tutorial (Figure)

The above content, U disk version WINPE environment Tianyuan full text in the test passed.

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